How to Increase The Value Of My House

One of the main question we get is “How to increase the value of my house” so here are some quick tips to improve its value and make it sell faster.

Property values rise and fall, but you can help things along in the right direction by following the correct course of action. We have listed below some of the things we have used, plus a few others, to help improve our equity within a property. You can wait for the market to tell you the price, or YOU can tell the market your price. Ceiling prices of houses are broken every single day.

Improve the kerbside view of your home.

First impressions and initial reactions are very important and can make or break a sale.

  • Clean the windows.
  • Fresh paint not peeling or dirty.
  • Clean up the garden this is often neglected but cheap to do.
  • Add a parking space or a drive.

De-clutter your property to add value.

Our minds work better without mess and clutter adding to our illusion of a property.

A room clear of mess is worth more than a messy room.

Let in more light.

Dark rooms don’t sell.

Good lighting and fresh and co-ordinated soft furnishings can add instant value.


Replace kitchen doors and worktops.

An improved kitchen can easily add value. Not replacing carcasses etc. could mean less costs and no need for expensive tradesmen.

But if its needed a new kitchen can be stunning.


Use sales techniques and effective marketing to aid your sale.

Property developers spend untold money and use visual and sensory effects to add to their prices.

  • A 4ft “double” beds gives the impression of more space than the standard 4ft 6in one.
  • No kitchen units on the walls gives an illusion of space.
  • The smell of fresh coffee and aromas in the house is always a winner.


Gone are the days of outside toilets – people want luxurious homes now so install an En suite.

Improve out-dated features by modernising

For example some fire places and chimney stacks can be removed adding not only space but also deleting an old fashioned eye sore but add period features back into your property to create a more sought after and valued asset.

Remove eyesores.

Minor DIY issues can put off perspective buyers or likewise condensation or minor pest problems.

Sort major problems.

Subsidence, Japanese Knot-weed (not mortgage-able until treated) or major infestations buyers can be put off when they do not know how much it might cost to put things right!

And just before you sell.

A fresh makeover to ensure everything is perfect for your prospective buyers.


We hope these tips have been of interest, if you have not yet seen the short video please follow the link below: