Benefits For Homeowners

Worcester Property Network understands there are many stressful reasons you might want want to sell your house without any delay.

Struggling financially… I Need To Sell My House Fast!

I need to sell my house fast? We understand that having money worries can cause a lot of problems, and can even take its toll on your health. Here at Worcester Property Network, we aim to solve your money problems by freeing up the cash you need to settle your debts or to balance your books.

Property in poor condition… I Need To Sell My House Fast!

Maintaining your home can be tough and the cost of skilled tradesmen can mount up if there’s a lot to do to make your property ready for sale. We don’t mind if there’s work to do on your property, we aim to offer the best price no matter what condition it is in.

An estate agent is going to struggle to sell a property on the market with these issues but we can help ether by buying your property or via our Assisted Sales Process*.

Buyer fallen through… I Need To Sell My House Fast!

When you’re selling a house, there’s nothing worse than a buyer pulling out at the last minute. You’ve made all the arrangements and probably paid all the fees, you will have to re-plan your onward move, and if you were planning on buying another property, it will put this transaction at serious risk.

If you come to us and say I need to sell my house fast then we can move very quickly, getting our solicitors appointed immediately and keeping everything in place to step in and save the chain, allowing you to keep all your plans in place.

Facing repossession… I Need To Sell My House Fast!

Repossession is one of the more common reasons why people say I need to sell my house fast. Some fast property sale companies are not able to help everyone who contacts them, but we at Worcester Property Network are different – no matter the situation, we can help you sell your property fast.

If your mortgage lender or loan provider are demanding money you simply can’t afford to repay, they’re very likely to repossess your home. By selling to us, we can get the lenders off your back and pay out the remainder straight to you – we’ll even help find you somewhere else to live if you want us to.

Inherited property

When you inherit a property, it is usually after a loved one has passed away – never an easy time for anyone – but you are almost always forced to make snap decisions about the property at such a sensitive time. Will you keep the property? Will you sell it? When will you clear the property? Do you need to arrange probate?

These are all questions that don’t need to be answered right away but we know it can be the easiest decision to simply sell the property to avoid paying hefty maintenance costs. To avoid stress at a difficult time, we at Worcester Property Network can buy the property quickly to give you time to come to terms with your loss without worrying about a thing.


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As professional property experts, we can help you maximise the profit from the sale of your home by carrying out repairs and improvements that we know will significantly raise the value of your property.

This can dramatically increase the chance of you selling your home for the price you really want – not a price you have to ‘settle’ for.
You might be surprised by how much of a difference even some simple improvements can make to the price you can achieve.
The work we do varies from complete refurbishments and fitting new kitchens or bathrooms – to minor repairs including giving the place a professional lick of paint.

We know from experience that it is sometimes difficult for homeowners to spot the things in their own home that might put off a potential buyer or reduce the asking price.
We are able to identify these things – and carry out the necessary work quickly to maximise value.

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